In an article published by the Manila Times, it was reported that a 34-year old Filipino man was arrested at the request of Peter Vandever for allegedly stealing 200 pesos from his unlocked room.  However, when Mr. Vandever recounted the incident on his video blog, he claimed that it was a “kid” who “broke in” to his $5 a night hostel on the seedy side of Quezon city, to steal 700 pesos.

This led to a follow-up investigation by netizens who have caught Peter Vandever in other lies.  This revealed that the 34-year old man by the name of Immanuel Macatuno is in fact an openly gay ‘masseuse’ who had come to Peter Vandever’s room, with the door unlocked.  Not broken into as Peter Vandever claimed in his video.  The ‘intruder’s Facebook account confirmed his preference as a gay man.

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Mr. Vandever was apparently worried about Immanuel giving his side of the story on Facebook and INSISTED that the highest bail be applied, thus ensuring that Immanuel would spend the better part of 9 months in jail, or more.  And all of this over an alleged 200 peso pilfering from the pants in his room.

Especially considering that Peter Vandever claims to be a missionary (proven to be a lie from many sources) it makes no sense to ask for such a harsh judgment over a value of less than $5 dollars.   More details are in the following video.