12345657_10207966717746967_8726163632509747388_nPeter Aaron Vandever is an American from Missouri, born in 1980.  He has a long online record of bigotry, fraud and theft of photographer’s work stretching from Fiji to Samoa and now the Philippines.  He was so unwanted in Samoa that he left when many began to say they would hunt him down for a beating.  This is how much bigotry Peter Vandever tosses out on the internet.

He has made many unfounded claims including, but not limited to;

..he claims to being an Iraq war veteran with PTSD.
(Though there is zero photographic or documentary proof he even graduated basic training.  Peter Vandever claims he is a longtime photographer, and yet has zero photos to prove he was ever deployed anywhere.)

.. he claims having served as a Senior Pastor of a church for five years.. at the age of 17.
(He was later discredited as not being ordained at all and no church claims he was ever their pastor.  He was also convicted of 2nd degree Sexual Abuse in Missouri, the same year he claimed he was pastoring a church.)

.. he claims having graduated from at least 3 universities with Master’s Degrees.
(Yet his many blog articles are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors as well as misuse of words in his videos.  What he actually displays is a 7th grade educational level.)

.. he claims to be a professional photographer.
(Yet he has been blocked out of all reputable photography groups on Facebook and has been PROVEN to be a thief of other people’s photography which he claimed as his own and sold online.  For a detailed article on his photographic thievery CLICK HERE.)

.. he claims he has lived in the Philippines for 25 years.
(Despite the fact that he went to high school and grade school in Missouri and has a criminal record there.  Also a blog post of his states he did not arrive in the Philippines until 2011.)

These are just a FEW of his many lies he has pushed forward in order to con people out of photomoney and force his racist, hateful views onto the public.  And all the while claiming to be a missionary who seeks online contributions for his work-free lifestyle in the Philippines.

Peter Vandever is a predator upon the good will of those who do not know him fully.  He is ill-tempered and considered violent when challenged about the obvious errors of his many claims.  The purpose of this site is to alert the public as to what a danger he is as he works his fraud in many online Facebook church groups.  Usually pretending to be either a missionary, a photographer or expat vlogger.